Warmup & Workout timer

Follow* warmup and workout videos, but keep forgetting the steps?

Need a rep timer & counter?

This is a web app for those things.

* Or any workout regime, really

Talking timer

The big-ass hands-free timer will read your steps aloud* and automatically progress through the warmup steps

* If you want it to that is! You can turn that racket off

Go to warmup

Fully Editable

All workout & warmup steps are fully editable, draggable and — if you're sick of them — removable

Just click theicon

Then theicon

Try it out

Import / Export

Create and share warmups & workouts — probably ideal for personal trainers & clients

Easily back up your workouts or move them to another device

Or hand-edit the raw .json file if you're a total 🤓

Import / Export Data


Some of us* spend too much time staring at screens

Set yourself an hourly reminder to sit back, relax, and twirl your head around like you're in The Exorcist

* All of us

Check your neck
A meme of a fellow sitting sprawled on a chair, with the caption 'Why does my back hurt?' 'Also me'
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